Google announces Picasa 3.5 with facial recognition and georeferencing

Google announced this Tuesday the launch of Picasa 3.5, a new version of Google’s photo management and editing software that finally brings the facial recognition technology that exists in Picasa Web Albums to the desktop. With name tags, users can organize photos based on the people who appear in them.


“When you open Picasa 3.5, the software will scan the photos on your computer to create groups of similar faces. It will add these groups to an “unnamed people” album, where you can easily add a name tag to a set of faces by clicking on “Add a name” and typing the person’s name. If you’re signed in to your Google account, just type in the names and an integrated function will auto-complete with your Google contacts, ”explained Todd Bogdan, Software Engineer.


Another very interesting novelty is the integration of Picasa with Google Maps. “Now you can add location information to your photos – one photo at a time or several. Just select the images, click on the Places panel, search or surf to a place, and drop a pin in the right place on the map. Once you have added georeferenced tags, you can select a group of photos and see where they were recorded ”.

The new version 3.5 of Picasa is available for PC and Mac. You also wait for the automatic update.