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Google announces news in Google Chrome

Google today announced the integration of new features in Google Chrome that make browser usability even better. According to Sudar Pichai, vice president of product management, Chrome currently has 120 million active users.

Google Instant

Google today announced the final integration of Google Instant into the omnibox (address bar) of the Google Chrome browser. In addition to the search results, it is also possible to open websites instantly by typing only the first letters of the websites.

PDF viewer

Google announced that it has integrated a feature that allows you to open and view PDFs natively in the browser. You can also bookmark a link in Bookmark and open PDFs repeatedly.

In Picha?s demonstration, a 1990 page document is opened immediately. For those who are used to Windows applications, the novelty is surprising.

Enhancing WebGL

In addition to optimizing the speed to run 3D graphics, Google demonstrates once again that the browser is ready to be the user?s desktop.

In the demonstration using GPU and HTML5, Google demonstrated that graphics can be generated in high definition, without any crashes that could disrupt the user experience.

More security

Google has announced a series of changes that improve user safety when placing a ?sandboxing plug-in?. The novelty isolates plugins made by third parties so that they do not interact with other browser or machine codes.

Pichai took the opportunity to remember that Chrome?s native PDF reader also works separately and Google is working with Adobe to put Flash in a sandbox as well.

Much faster!

By injecting an improvement to the V8 rendering engine, called Crankshaft, Chrome is now 100x faster than browsers four years ago.

Chrome?s speed, along with simplicity and security, are the factors that have most contributed to 300% growth among users since January 2010.