Google announces its new recording app, with AI and more

Google Recorder is capable of transcribing audio in real time, finding specific recordings and much more.


Among all the news that came up in Made by Google of 2019, one caught my attention. It may even seem simple, but recording notes and then transcribing them is not such a pleasant and quick task to do.

It seems that the project has evolved in such a way that it has received very interesting features. Along with its new Pixel line devices (Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL), Google has just launched a new recorder. Do not think that the Google Recorder Just more of the same, the app can transcribe what is recorded in real time, and through artificial intelligence (AI) makes the process very effective.

Apart from recording and transcribing audio, with the help of a new language processing model, Recorder does not need an internet connection to perform such tasks. Limiting yourself to using the internet to access these resources would not be the only nuisance, because if the processing were not offline, the data would have to travel through some company server. For many, this feature is super important.

What struck me, however, was their ability to locate specific phrases within this transcription, and their very high degree of assertiveness. With your advanced search, sounds, words or phrases can be searched in a recording. During the presentation, Sabrina Ellis, vice president of product management, gave a live demonstration of the application. We do not know if in a real scenario, with background noise, the application will be so happy in its approach and will correctly identify each word, pauses and accents.


Google Recorder currently only supports English, but there are plans for other languages. However, the same exclusive to the new handsets of the company and nothing was revealed if in the future would be in the Play Store. So we can only wait and see if the news will be available for download to other users of the Android platform.

Did you like Google Recorder? I confess I would be a hand on the wheel and would often use the software. Currently all the solutions I tried didn't give me a really satisfactory result.

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