Google announces its Cardboard software development kit for iOS

Google announces its Cardboard software development kit for iOS

We already talked here at over the Cardboard, but the novelty that Google’s virtual reality glasses now have a software development kit (software development kit) official focused on iOS, aimed at creating apps using all its features. Cardboard is already successful around the world mainly on Android, and with this SDK Google expands its strategy to leverage it even more.

Google Cardboard

Unlike some glasses like Samsung's Gear VR (which costs $ 100) and Facebook's Oculus Rift ($ 600), Google Cardboard has a low-cost proposal made of cardboard designed to work with several smartphones in the market creating a virtual reality experience through compatible apps.

A new viewer was also announced to be implemented on websites, bringing a more interactive experience with this new content format now, to view virtual reality content on the web, just touch the Cardboard icon in the lower right corner and leave the device in mode landscape.

However, in some of our tests, viewing the web did not occupy the entire iPhone screen, which ended up disturbing the image in the glasses, that is, there is still a need to adapt browsers to this new content format.

Written in Objective-C, the Cardboard SDK for iOS is now available and simplifies several common tasks in VR development, including lens distortion correction, spatial audio, head tracking, 3D calibration, side-by-side rendering, and more. With that, even more ideas and applications for interacting with iPhones should emerge from now on.

(via TechCrunch)