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Google announces expansion of Android Market to Brazil

Google has announced that it will expand access to the Android Market to 46 countries, from the 25 countries that already had the Android application store.

Among the new countries are: Brazil, Argentina and Mexico (see the complete list), in addition to countries that have Android phones but do not bring their main app repository. With the news, users from these countries will no longer have to rely on alternative markets to get apps.

In the past few weeks, Google has also expanded support for paid apps for Canadian and Australian users. Interestingly, Google has not yet expanded the list of countries authorized to sell applications (9) to match the number of countries able to buy them (13).

In addition to the expectation of half a billion Android phones in 2015, recent research has shown that application developers have increasingly believed that the Android platform is the best option in the long term, overcoming the existing vision under Apple's iOS platform, even if it is more advanced in terms of sales.