Google and its possible Android Q convergent

Google does not want to stay behind, but also "got in the mood" of converged applications.

A converging system is the dream of many technology lovers. How about using an application on your smartphone and when you get home you can do the same thing on a larger screen in desktop mode. This is the desire of many users, and Google does not want to be left out of this.

appss-converging-apps-android-desktop-mode-samsung-dex-canonical-ubuntu-phone-pureos-purism-linux- Canonical, the company responsible for Ubuntu, tried to put this proposal into practice with its Ubuntu Phone. Unfortunately it was not successful. THE Purism is working on a smartphone with this proposal.using desktop applications that fit mobile etc. Korean giant Samsung, developed Dex, with its premium Samsung Galaxy devices, has enabled Ubuntu to work on these devices with Linux on Dex, even your version of Android. Now Google also embarks on converged applications. During Google I / O 2019In its developer conference, the company demonstrated the evolution of its APIs and encouraged developers to make their apps compatible with screen scaling by adding a desktop mode. Google did not elaborate on whether Android Q would have a desktop mode, a Samsung-like dock to "morph" into desktop operation, but was emphatic in the compatibility and creation of desktop function apps.

Possibilities and more possibilities

This incentive from Google, in my view, can be linked to 3 things. First, a plan that in fact Android Q has a desktop mode. Second, it may be aiming at integrating Android apps into Chrome OS, after all even with Android apps running normally on their Chromebooks, they are designed for mobile. And third is a partnership with a Samsung-style company that owns the Dex.


Of the three possibilities I imagined, I think the first two are the most plausible, of course nothing prevents a combo of both, including a Samsung foot ().

And you, do you think we will soon have a desktop mode on Android? One thing for sure, Google is not emphasizing compatibility with a "desktop mode" for nothing, it has "sugar in that angu".

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