Google, Adidas and EA create pair of connected insoles for football fans

Google, Adidas and EA have created a pair of insoles capable of monitoring and recording the user's movements on a football field. The creation powered by Jacquard technology, from Mountain View technology, which for some years has been testing it on innovative wearable models.

The activity recorded by these new Adidas GMR can be converted into prizes for the FIFA Mobile game. A pair of insoles costs about 40 dollars and each one has a sensor – a Jacquard on the dominant foot and a fake one on the other, just to simulate the sensation.

In the case of jackets and backpacks, the tag serves to connect the piece to the smartphone, making the fabric, sensitive to touch, into an interaction screen with the phone, thus allowing the user to answer calls or control the music through it. Here, the sensor is placed in a sole compartment and follows the user's movement, immediately communicating it to the smartphone. Machine learning algorithms allow you to make calculations that turn shots, passes and actual runs into virtual points and other rewards.

The app used to pair smartphone and insoles with Adidas GMR. The app also serves to establish a point with FIFA Mobile and will allow you to unlock a series of exclusive content in the game, which will ask you to complete a series of goals in real football games.

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