Google adds real-world appearances to Maps and Earth

Over the course of many, many years, there have been cases of apparitions of mendonous or simply curious creatures. Certainly the case that most intrigues people is that of the Loch Ness monster. In Brazil, we can mention the chupa-cabra and the famous ET Bilu.

The company asked its users to submit strange stories, which would be added to the services. โ€œWe were surprised by the amount of information we received, so today we are adding a new feature to Google Maps and Earth: appearances in the real world. People have witnessed fantastic creatures in every corner of the globe, and in our effort to mirror the real world as completely as possible, we decided to start including these witness accounts on the map, โ€said the company.

The image above is an illustration of a case sent by a friend of one of the Googlers involved in the novelty. In it, the person claims that he was crossing a bridge, returning to his city, when the cars in front braked abruptly. As he got out of his vehicle to see what was going on, he came across a huge red lobster on the bridge.

To view images in Google Earth, donโ€™t forget to activate the 3D buildings layer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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