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Google adds new features to GSuite

GSuite users will now be able to enjoy a spell check system based on artificial intelligence soon, even an automatic correction system. These and other news were brought by Google last Thursday (21).


GSuite is one of the most complete and popular office suites, both in the home and business environment. Google recently brought some enhancements and new features to its office suite that promise to refine and simplify the use of its software.

Many of the commercially available office suites consist of three applications, one for creating and editing text documents, another for spreadsheets, and a third for presentations. These three types of apps, plus the forms app, are what make up Google Docs, but it's important to make it clear that GSuite is made up of a number of other apps and services besides Google Docs. Such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Keep and others.

New integrations with Google Assistant

With the new updates, some of the applications that are part of GSuite will have much more complete and improved integration with Google Assistant. With this new integration, through voice commands, the user will be able to use Google Calendar and Gmail functions, such as consulting when his next appointment will be. Create, cancel, or reschedule any calendar events. Send a note via email to members of a particular event, as well as send email to any of your contacts. You can also access voice or video conferencing meetings using your phone's dialer or Google Hangouts.

Currently the features mentioned above are in beta and are available in English only. If you would like more information on how to access these features at this time, please visit the official blog for GSuite updates or so, by application form in the beta version of the service.

Smart compose

Smart Compose is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to try to predict the next words of the text being written, thus making writing faster, making the user gain those famous precious seconds.

Smart Compose has been around in Gmail since last year, now it's time for Google Docs users to take advantage of this feature. According to Google, Smart Compose saves people from typing about two million characters a week.

In the image below you can see the Smart Compose in operation.


But it's not all flowers, those people who are most concerned about privacy and security don't usually like features like this. The reason that in order to predict what the user is about to type, Smart Compose observes and memorizes terms and phrases frequently used by the user, so that the longer it is used, the more effective it is to predict what it is for. be written.

This learning behavior, which is a feature of Smart Compose, not only works individually. That is, the writing patterns that the service learns from you are also used by the service when trying to predict what will be written by others. And vice versa.

For many people, all this behavior of observing and memorizing what the user is writing turns out to be a form of breach of privacy, which is one of the main negatives of functionality. Therefore, before using features like this, it is very important that you know what really happens, so you can balance the pros and cons, thus making a better decision.

Automatic Mail

Google is also bringing Docs the same form of automatic correction that is currently used in Gmail. This form of autocorrection uses Google search to learn new words, and from this new implementation to provide a more personalized experience, word suggestions may also be based on the user's own documents that are stored in Docs.

All of these new features really seem to be very useful, but unfortunately many of them come up against this security and privacy issue, which prevents many users from using any company related services.

Particularly, I don't really care if Google is reading what I'm writing, as well as watching my history on the Internet to offer me personalized advertisements and the like. Not something I like, but it doesn't bother me as much as many people. Even though I don't really care about that kind of thing, for me, I also don't think it's correct how these big companies invade users' privacy. I can fully understand the reason why such people rightly criticize and do not use the services of these companies.

What do you think about the new features being implemented in GSuite? And what do you think about the way that Google, as well as other big companies in the T.I area have been maintaining their services?

Always remember to be polite and respectful, however different opinions may be.

Stay tuned to the Diolinux blog to find out when all these new features are open to the public, and if they are really working as promised.

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