Google adds Galapagos Islands to Google Street View


Google announced the addition of 360-degree imagery of the Galapagos Islands to the Google Street View service. To capture the images, the company explains that it used the Trekker equipment, a backpack that allows the Google Maps technician to record images without being stuck in a car.

“This volcanic archipelago is one of the most unique and most biodiverse places on the planet, with species that have adapted to their environment in a remarkable way. When observing the fauna, Darwin came to important observations that supported his theory of evolution ”, published Raleigh Seamster, Google engineer.

Among the images recorded by the Street View camera, Google highlights the island of São Cristóvão, the possibility of viewing the frigates along the rocks of the coast. In São Cristóvão, the images reveal the hungry giant tortoises and baby turtles that have just started their lives.