Google adapts productivity apps around Gmail to help remote work needs

Google adapts productivity apps around Gmail to help remote work needs

A new home for work is the name of Google's new initiative, which in practice means greater integration between its products, but also greater flexibility for users to organize their workspace. For example, having a video conference window open, while editing or collaborating on documents.

The concept arises from the need for users to constantly change communication formats, whether by email, voice, text or video. When Google looked at these pillars of communication, it came to the conclusion that many professionals start their day in the Inbox in their mailbox. For this reason, it has made it easier to access video meetings, integrating Meet into the Gmail web browser application, as well as Android and iOS apps, free of charge. And soon, Chat will also be integrated into the email application ecosystem, as explained on your blog.

Google has also prepared some collaboration features for the chat rooms, now allowing employees to share files or tasks in one place. Chat now allows you to create chat rooms that include people outside the company, whether they are consultants or contractors.

Still with regard to Rooms, users can open and edit documents together with the team without leaving Gmail, so that everyone stays in the same work environment, without changing screens. Google says that users complain that constantly switching between applications interrupts the flow of work and your attention. It gives the technological effort to centralize the maximum of functionalities in a single application: join a video call from the chat, or forward a text conversation to the email inbox, or even create a task from.

The Gmail search engine also reflects these changes, including chat conversations now in search, so that users can easily find what they need in one place. And since "absence" is also part of the job, it will be possible to change the status to "Do not disturb" and post notifications "Out of the office". You can also pin important chat rooms to make them easier to find and access.

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