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Google adapts its apps to iPads Pro, Messenger lets you cancel sending, and Skype will blur the background

As usual, several important / popular applications have been updated in the last few days with significant news and we will comment later. Check them out:

Google Apps

Coincidentally or not, right after the controversy surrounding Apple's revocation of its corporate certificate last week, Google has tried to upgrade all of its top apps with interfaces that are properly tailored to the recent (11.9 inch) iPad Pro. .

Just them:

Gmail app icon: Google Email

YouTube app icon

Google Docs app icon

Google Sheets app icon

Google Slides app icon


After a long wait, finally Facebook Messenger allows users to cancel sending messages triggered by mistake or with some error.

Deleting Messages in Facebook Messenger

As with WhatsApp, when trying to remove a message the app gives you the option to delete it just for yourself or everyone. In this case, the maximum deadline for you to reverse an unwanted send is 10 minutes and this includes text messages, photos or video in both individual and group conversations. Also, as with WhatsApp, Messenger leaves a warning that a message has been deleted.

Obviously, for the novelty to work it is necessary that both the sender and the recipient have Messenger updated to the latest version (both on iOS and Android).

Messenger app icon

Blurring the background

Do you know when we're going to get a video call and what's behind us isn't very inviting, or is it overly annoyed? Skype wants to solve this.

Skype background blur (GIF)

Users of the desktop versions of Skype (for macOS, Windows and Linux) are getting a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to identify the person and blur the background. Not perfect, of course, but for the expense.

The option must be activated during the call on the Skype video icon.

At least for now, Microsoft has not announced whether it intends to bring this feature to the mobile versions of Skype as well.