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Google Acquires Nexus Brand Right in Brazil

In 2011, the company Nexus Telecomunicaes filed a lawsuit prohibiting Google and Samsung from using the Nexus brand in Brazil, since the devices reach the domestic market using pseudonyms, such as the case of Samsung Galaxy Nexus that marketed in the country as Galaxy. X. However, according to the Google / Android communications team, the situation has changed, and Big G is now entitled to the Nexus brand. So in the very near future, the search giant may be selling its own devices through the Play Store.

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Google Acquires Nexus Brand Rights in Brazil! / ANDROIDPIT

At last, it seems that Google has envisioned the Brazilian market as one of the eyes of the growing Android. Last week, Magazine Luiza started offering the Nexus 7 tablet for online purchase at $ 1,299 and, considering LG's approval of Nexus 4 with Anatel, we can say that the Nexus family is creating reasons in the local scenario. So, there is nothing fairer than guaranteeing the right to trademark, as Google can subsidize devices as well as put the sale on your Android store.

No big fuss, on January 28, Google officially confirmed the purchase / licensing of the brand:

Google is entitled to the Nexus brand!

This gives you a better chance of seeing a Nexus device on the Google Play Store, as the brand can subsidize the device here, as it does in the US and Europe. This would make Google's smartphones and tablets more accessible to Brazilian consumers.

The Nexus Telecom Issue

Nexus Telecom, the fixed-line company, judicially won the Nexus trademark right in 2011, prohibiting Google from marketing any Nexus products or services in Brazil. The search giant, in partnership with Samsung, launched in December 2010 the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and had to change the device name to be able to offer the phone in the country. Since then, the so-called Galaxy X, sold without subsidies from Google and can be found in authorized Samsung stores.

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