Google 2017 Retrospective: iPhones 8 and X Top the List of Most Searched Terms

Need to say: It's hard to believe that it's already the end of the year 2017 has gone so fast, don't you think? Or was it just for me? Anyway, as tradition dictates, December officially says goodbye month, and always comes with several doses of “best of the year” retrospectives and rankings.

Leaving the “best” aside and looking specifically at the number of occurrences, the Google published your Top 10 of most conducted surveys in 2017, showing what people were most concerned about this year. Unfortunately, the result is not as happy as we want.

In the world, 2017 was the year of how ?, How do forest fires start ?, How to calm a dog during a storm ?, How to make a sign for protest ?. In fact, all searches for how they're on the video were searched at least ten times more than ever. These questions show the common will to understand our experiences, help each other, and move on.

The above moving video shows some of the most research done this year. It was really a tense period with catastrophes, scandals, unexpected deaths there were many natural but also emotional disasters that shook the whole world.

On this page, Google shows the results of the top ten most searched in the world, but there are also rankings of specific areas. In the main list, we see first of all the terrible “Hurricane Irma” (Hurricane Irma), who destabilized those who went through the catastrophe and followed the events, even from afar.

Turning to a slightly less painful reality (that is, not counting the $ pockets), second and third place among the most searched in the world were our acquaintances. iPhones 8 and X. The rest of the list was filled with fevers ranging from Fidget Spinnerpassing the famous series “13 Reasons Why”, for some sad losses like our beloved Chester Bennington's, and more.

Focusing on the technology area, Apple's smartphones rise further and take the lead in the ranking, being the first place of the iPhone 8 and, secondly, the iPhone X. In the list, there were other releases like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Nokia 3310, Nintendo Switch video games, Xbox among others.

Check out the list below:

Already in Brazil, the story changes a little when we look at the ranking of general searches no mention of the handsets of Ma, here. However, they stand firm and strong at the top of the technology-specific ranking: first, iPhone 8 and third, iPhone X; among them, secondly, that one week-long passing phenomenon, the Sarahah. The rest of the list was flooded with Motorola devices, not to mention some other smartphones.

Check out:

Ah! Remember that even before Apple's new handsets are officially announced, we have long called iPhone X "iPhone 8" so that is probably the reason why it has been much sought after than X. So can we consider that the smartphone with the "forehead" actually has the first place? 😜

Check out the main list and the others on this page.

via TechCrunch