Rose gold MacBook tilted diagonally and sideways

Goodbye, pink MacBook; golden takes on a new hue

When the 12-inch MacBook was launched in 2015, Apple chose to market it in space gray, silver and gold; a year later, she added the rose gold option to the line. Well, it seems that this was not very successful …

Rose gold MacBook tilted diagonally and sideways

Now, just over two years later, Apple has discontinued color. So, again we have the same three color options on MacBooks – and MacBooks Air, it’s worth noting.

Golden MacBook (old vs. new)Old model on the left; new right

For those who enjoy the gold model, it is important to note that Apple has changed the tone of the product. Above you can see the old model on the left and the new model on the right (which is a kind of mixture of gold and rose gold, I would say).

Prices for 12 ″ MacBooks remain exactly the same: R $ 11,500 (entry model; Intel Core m3 dual core generation 1.2GHz and 256GB SSD) and R $ 14 thousand (top-of-the-line; Intel Core i5 dual core 7th generation 1.3GHz and 512GB SSD) – that is, more expensive than the new MacBooks Air, which arrived at a cost of R $ 10.4 thousand.

via CNET