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Goodbye old year Happy New Year! What to expect 2017 on AndroidPIT

AndroidPIT also saw a year full of change. For example, we decided to gradually move away from the structure of a local editorial to adopt a global position, which I will talk about below. We have also started offering a new content-based product on the site, which has proven to be a very laborious process. We also had to say goodbye to some friends of our team.

That said, we also introduced new faces to the team. as soon as it follows; one door closes, another opens. And we will still open the door for 2017, not knowing if it is a good or bad year. However, whatever the next 365 days will bring, it is most important to make the most of it and use it every day as if it were unique. And despite the diversity we saw and lived in 2016, there are so many amazing things that we left behind. The problems also seem minor when we think of them now.

What can I say that 2017 is an exciting year for AndroidPIT. We actually have big plans for next year. What would they be? Take a first look at what's to come:

Let's rebuild our community (again)

A few years ago, if you had asked me what set our technology site apart from the rest, I would certainly have mentioned our amazing community. Today, when I take a look at some comments on the forum, I can clearly see that we dropped the shuttlecock here and stopped listening to the needs of our users.

Our community is very important to us and there is still much to do, a fact that is clear to all our staff. In order to promote more transparency, let's talk to users about the resources we are currently working on. However, we will not be able to create everything users want, because it will not make sense to the site or simply not viable, and you will not be able to do everything right away. After all, Rome was not built in a day. What is most important to us, however, is that we can work together, and this should be the purpose of a community.

We also want to offer talented bloggers the opportunity to collaborate with AndroidPIT. We have done this in the past, when some talented tech bloggers have gone from amateur to professional, becoming tech writers to this day.

Community Blog

There is a lot of talent hidden in our global community, and we know it. Often these users of ours provide relevant knowledge for topics that we do not yet have on the site or that we do not adequately cover. Thanks to this group of enthusiastic people, we found out about new products, ones that would definitely be worth a post on our site.

AndroidPIT has over 20 million readers per month bringing together all our domains. This is much more than the population of Rio de Janeiro, which today has just over 16 million people. It will really be a wonder if, among so many people, we find the next bloggers / journalists in the tech universe.

If you think this may be something for you, contact one of our editors via a private message.

Community bloggers and bloggers will have a special tag so they can be quickly recognized in a text on AndroidPIT.

More videos

From January, we will invest more in videos and thus provide a new platform for our readers, in addition to articles written, we also want to entertain you. We know that visual components can improve our articles and we want to make the most of it. Through the video, we will combine news and entertainment.

That said, videos will be much more important from January here on AndroidPIT. To do so, we are already after new talent, we are creating new video formats such as comments, opinions, etc.

Opinion by Fabien Roehlinger

I've been looking forward to seeing more videos on AndroidPIT for a while.

… and more quality

When I returned to AndroidPIT as Global Content Director, I promised our readers more quality. In recent months, however, we have had feedback from some of you who expressed that this has not always happened. The articles we often update seemed to bother some readers. In addition, a good range of articles is still missing, so we hope to fill in these gaps in 2017 as well.

Although it brings up the subject above, I don't want to start a discussion about the way we update our articles. At the heart of the issue is that many readers find these updates very important and informative, although our most avid readers find this uncomfortable. That is why we are working on new variations and formats that will address the needs of both groups.

About opening our range of content, there are many areas of knowledge that we cannot cover because of time and resource constraints. This is also one reason why we decided to start the community blog. As mentioned above, we want to invite people to share their knowledge with AndroidPIT. Although this does not mean that the articles will have to be published regularly.

In fact, we are inviting you to share topics that our team may not know about, but we should be talking more about these. In theory and experience, those who share their own knowledge will inspire others to do the same.

This way, we will all learn more and this, for me, is a true sign of quality!

Opinion by Fabien Roehlinger

Getting a community blog a great idea!


A year full of events comes to an end. As I write this article, I also feel a bit uneasy from the last 365 days. But it wasn't a bad year either. Many important things have happened around the world, although we often forget that.

No more politics, let's go back to technology. A lot of things are missing in 2016 and we are sure that a lot of new and exciting things will happen in the coming months: new advances in artificial intelligence that will make life in the future easier, driverless cars, technologies that help physically limited people, these are just just some of the exciting themes that we will find in 2017.

Whatever happens next year, make sure it is a time for new discoveries! And let's make the most of it.

Thank you, dear AndroidPIT community, for the great year of 2016. May 2017 come!

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