Goodbye, Allo? Google announces new messaging service with the pretext of ending SMS

Goodbye, Allo? Google announces new messaging service with the pretext of ending SMS

For more than a decade, the Google uses the trial / error method in many of its services, including its messenger. And it seems that the company has not yet found the goose that lays the golden eggs in that area. While users of iOS tm access to consolidated iMessage (of course widely used in the United States than in Brazil), those of Android who pinned their hopes on the messenger Allo, launched in September 2016, will have to adapt to yet another change coming from Mountain View.

According to a statement given by the company to The Verge, the company is trying something different. Instead of developing a new application for the market, Google is gradually cornering several operators to open up a technology to replace the good old SMS. The new tool, called Chat, built from a standard called Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Google Chat

The intention is to make this new technology adopted by operators in place of SMS, which is the most recognized digital communication standard in the world for its long time of use since the mid-1990s. Google's goal is to make RCS the new model used on Android devices. According to the company, 55 operators already implemented the new service and two large American telephone companies (ATT and Verizon) gave the positive endorsement to the standard.

With a focus on this project, Google reported that it is “Pausing” the works carried out in the formerly large project of the company Allo. According to the The Verge, that “type of pause that involves transferring almost the entire program team that was already developed to another application, Android Messages” native on all devices with Google's mobile operating system.

Regarding the implementation time and when the transition is complete, Anil Sabharwal, director of product management at Google, did not want to set a specific deadline; even so, he speculated that by the middle of next year several users will already be on the service:

By the end of this year we will have a good amount and by the middle of next year, a large percentage of users will already have this experience. This is not an idea that will be realized in three to five years. Our goal is to bring this service to Android users within the next two years.

Still according to Sabharwal, the adoption time will vary according to the country / region, indicating that Europe and the Latin America be able to take action before American companies.

It is important to note that Chat is a service offered by operators, not by Google. Still, the company has taken the lead in applying this standard so that operator services do not get in the way of users joining the new service. However, like SMS, Chat is not end-to-end encrypted and is subject to the same laws as the old messaging standard; that is: not as secure as iMessage.

We will see how this change will have an effect on the messenger market and whether the RCS will actually kill SMS. The fact: we may not see new Google messaging apps for quite some time. 🙏🏼