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Linux games

We all know that there are plenty of games for Windows and that has always been its strong point over other operating systems like Linux and Mac, but that is changed, one example is Linux, free software that day after day wins.

It's for its ease of use, greater protection and customization, but as it is very little known it still doesn't have much investment in the gaming area, but this is another point that has also evolved a lot.

Today Linux already has many good games, and some well-known titles, such as Doom 3 and Penumbra, and others that have everything to be a great success, here are some:

Doom 3

Game released for both Windows and Linux platforms.


The Penumbra series, which was very successful in Overture and successively Black Plague, eventually expanded to other operating systems.


The famous story RPG, beloved and hated by many, gained linux compatibility as well, sometime ago when a linux version started being made available, not being exclusive to Windows anymore.

Myth 2: Soulblighter

Although not a current game, it still manages to entertain.

Quake 4

If you want adrenaline, shots and a lot of blast with great graphics Quake 4 is a great option.

Unreal Tournament 2004

If there is a game that can be compared with Quake and Doom is the Unreal Tournament.

Super Tux Kart

That's right the penguin game, a simple and very easy game to play that will surely have fun for hours.

Buggy race

Getting on the Tux Kart ride, this is also a great little racing game, a big help when your little brother is filling you with patience.


Urban terror

Another great game for both Windows and Linux, great for those who like the style Counter-Strike.

Yo Frankie!

A game exclusively for the current Linux platform, which has beautiful graphics and very well crafted.

VDrift 3

Racing in a well-worked world and excellent cars, being the third in the VDrift series.

Savage: The Battle for Newerth

An online game that mixes the best of first-person shooter and real-time strategy available for Linux and Windows.

These were some games for Linux, and there are many more, even sites just for that, for example Games 4 Linux, where you have information about the games, and even downloads.

Any tips, information or news about linux games leave a comment.


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