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Goldman Sachs to reevaluate Apple Card credit limits after allegations of sexism

Just yesterday, we reported that Ma was in the middle of a crossfire involving some customers of the Apple card, after a flood of comments on the web revealed a somewhat impertinent problem for a credit card: different credit limits based on the customer's gender.

More to the point, some (big) names in the tech world reported that they had a credit limit that was wildly higher than their wives, and in some cases they both share the same account, and in other situations they even have one. scores smaller banks than them.

After the handprint generated by consumers on the internet, the Goldman sachs decided to retract through their support account, in which a statement from the bank's CEO was released, Carey Halio. In a note, the executive explains that Goldman Sachs is not aware of a person's marital status at the time he / she applies for the Apple Card; However, Halio states that the bank re-examines the credit lines of customers who expected a higher limit.

We heard you #AppleCard

The Goldman Sachs head also infers that the difference in credit limits derives from a customer's ?personal credit history?, ie if the cards an applicant currently has are actually additional versions of the master account spouse, this may affect the score of the person applying for the new card.

Developer David Heinemeier Hansson, who started discussions on the Twitter issue, countered the statement by Goldman Sachs, claiming that the institution ?is not in a position? to ask the public to simply trust the bank, as trust ?earned by fair and transparent actions ?and that the implementation of the Apple Card was? just the opposite ?.

You heard nothing. ?I understand your concerns, but here is why they are wrong and we are right? not listening. This paternalism. Please stop.

Apple has refrained from commenting on the case and has so far not responded to requests for comment from several publications by letting Goldman Sachs turn around with the hot potato. We will continue to monitor the possible developments of this situation and will inform you as soon as other information comes up.

via CNBC