Goldman Sachs CEO expected to attend Apple special event

As we reported, the Apple to launch a new credit card in partnership with the US investment bank Goldman sachs. While neither company has provided any clues as to when this news will be revealed, a specific invitation to Ma's special event may indicate the impending announcement.

According to information from Bloomberg, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, was invited to Ma's keynote and, although apparently not attending the presentation itself (according to people familiar with the subject), his presence indicates that Apple may publicly discuss the partnership with the bank.

THE Bloomberg said the deal, known internally as Project Cookie, overseen by Goldman Sachs CEO and partner David Stark. In addition, the information is that there are “dozens of people” working on the partnership, including most Apple employees responsible for Apple Pay.

Last May, we commented that this joint credit card could be launched early this year. To further support this rumor, the Wallet app may be given a new look in iOS 12.2 (which should be released after the special event) to allow users to adjust and view card spending on the iPhone.

Both Apple and Goldman Sachs will naturally benefit from the deal. In Ma's case, greater (direct) financial market penetration helps the company gain further foothold among large US companies; For the bank, increasing its customer base (made up of large investors and multi-million dollar corporations) will be even more paramount.

Both companies declined to comment on Solomon's presence at the upcoming 25th event. We have yet to see it to believe it.