Go Fight COVID-19 app allows customers to assess merchant safety standards

Go Fight COVID-19 app allows customers to assess merchant safety standards

With the gradual resumption of economic activities, there are safety standards that establishments must ensure in this pandemic context. To help public services, Out Of Limits (OOL) has developed a platform that allows customers to provide feedback on strategies that are being adopted in public services. The solution also allows to count the number of people present in the establishment and measure the temperature.

How does the Go Fight COVID-19 system work? In a completely online process and with an implementation period of between two and five days, the collection of feedback is available in two formats. Customers can give their opinions through the application, with QR Code, or thanks to a tablet available in stores, with an automatic disinfectant dispenser.

Go Fight COVID-19

Customers are challenged to answer various questions related to the establishment's health and safety processes. Topics such as the availability of disinfectant and the fulfillment of social distance will be, therefore, some of the questions presented.

After the collection and processing of the information, made available in real time, the services can analyze the collected data through a dashboard, which allows decisions to be made according to the users' feedback.

In a statement, the co-founder of OOL, Ismael Pacheco, highlights the importance of ensuring that people who work or visit public services feel safe. This may be "an important part of the puzzle where we will all participate actively and with a sense of responsibility in supporting virus eradication", he explains.

The launch of the platform, with different payment subscriptions depending on the solutions chosen, follows that of Open4Business. The website has certified information on establishments opened in this period of "deflation", an initiative of the Secretariat of State for Transio Digital and VOST Portugal.