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Gnome Software Center "copies" iPad and may appear in Fedora 20

Gnome Software Center is in full development.

The team of Gnome Gnome Shell has been developing a lot of news in recent years, starting with Gnome Shell that started a little "raw" but who has been receiving constant "polishes" to the point of being ideal for any user, of course tastes will always be tastes and can never be discussed to the point. of giving a verdict but the Gnome Team has been striving to improve with each release.

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The idea release what is called the "Best Gnome" in verse 3.10, Due to be out soon full of news, the Gnome people have also worked hard to develop own new applications like Gnome Maps for use on a possible Mobile version of the system and in the future launch Gnome OS, a system that would be based on Fedora

Speaking of Fedora, the latest version of the system has arrived full of news and the next one that is still under development may be the first distraction to receive one of the new projects developed by the Gnome team, the Gnome Software Center promises to create a clean and simple graphical interface for installing applications on Linux. Central is still under development but we already have some mockups of the app's design and appearance: Gnome Software Center

As we can see the Center divides the applications into categories just as it does the Ubuntu Program Center and promises to have a home page with app highlights, as well as a big slider on top, plus 3 buttons to select installed apps, available to install and to manage updates, underneath it we see a search field.

Gnome Software Center

"Copy I like" moment

IPad App Store

If this is bad, the Central has to work, install and manage programs that what it intends to do, the appearance just a detail, button f in this center and the team. Gnome That was always very competent.

It's the Gnome Team has a big advantage over other systems to build their Software Center, unlike other times they are not the pioneers this time around and can better define the resources and organization to have a more organized and beautiful software center, seeing where others made mistakes and perfecting the good things that were already created, has everything to work!

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