Gnome OS already has release date

Gnome OS

While some developers and users (including Linux Torvalds) focus on criticizing GNOME 3.6, some developers are thinking long term. At a conference in Spain, GNOME 4.0 was the main theme of the event, together with GNOME OS, and according to the final statement the last one will be released by March 2014. According to Xan Lopez and Jos Juan Sanchez, the developers of GNOME THE. The project hopes to make a breakthrough with GNOME3.8, then complete work with GNOME 4.0 in March 2014. This estimated date for the birth of the new GNOME operating system, an operating system built around GNOME and for technologies. furniture.

Gnome OS unlock screen

As if that were not enough, the GNOME 4.0 SDK has already been developed to facilitate the development of GNOME OS. Developers are looking for a hardware manufacturer that is willing to support GNOME as the pre-installed operating system on smartphones and tablets. In general, this changes the GNOME business model, all weapons pointing to the "cloud": GNOME OS on mobile devices, cloud services and the new App Store that will be implemented where extensions, programs (indicators, etc.) can be downloaded. .).

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