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Gnome App Grid May Receive News

The developers of Gnome-Shell are in full swing, apparently new features are coming to the project.


Gnome's design team has been discussing some refinements to the interface application grid, that menu that resembles a smartphone menu a lot, even though a mockup is a very interesting idea. Some elements would be added to the Gnome-Shell menu, with options to view the most recently used, alphabetically organized, or custom applications.

gnome-shel-menu-app-grip-novelty-linux This would allow a higher level of categorization of shell applications than folders (we may create natively in the future, like in the post where we mentioned drag and drop), and now you can choose between a custom mode or continue in alphabetical order. Making free movement of apps and folders in the menu could leave more to your face. Of course, for the troublemakers, that possibility would only make everything more disorganized (the evils of freedom). you can follow all this directly from gnome's gitlab. If the news comes out of paper and comes true, I think many users will like it. Do you use Gnome-Shell? Are you enjoying these possible changes? Join our Diolinux Plus forum and stay on top of news.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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