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GNOME 3.34 released, check out the news

After much effort in developing GNOME 3.34, about 6 months ago, the new codename Thessaloniki is announced. For those who thought the code name was strange, be aware that the city hosted the GUADEC (European GNOME Developer and User Conference) event. Also known as Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, being honored at this launch. gnome-apps-shell-thessaloniki-linux-flatpak-flathub-open-source-free-software-community interface New features, performance improvements, visual updates for various applications and bug fixes, are new to GNOME 3.34, some of the highlights are:

New design in Background settings, making it easy to select custom wallpapers.

gnome-apps-shell-thessaloniki-linux-flatpak-flathub-interface-open-source-free-software-community-custom-wallpaper The feature is so awaited and already addressed by us, with a post detailing everything, the ability to create folders natively in the GNOME Shell menu. Now just drag the cone from one app and drop it on top of another to create a folder. gnome-apps-shell-thessaloniki-linux-flatpak-flathub-interface-open-source-free-software-community-app-folder-menu

There has been an improvement in web browsing, the GNOME browser now maintains sandboxed processes with the ability to pin tabs and a feature that allows you to block ads through WebKit content filters.


GNOME Boxes now supports booting VMs from attached CD / DVD images.


GNOME Games has already been supported to save multiple save states of games.

gnome-apps-shell-thessaloniki-linux-flatpak-flathub-interface-open-source-free-software-community-games Your music application, GNOME Music, finally automatically updates the music library. In addition to receiving the appeal Gapless playback (playback without intervals), compatible with a massive number of formats. gnome-apps-shell-thessaloniki-linux-flatpak-flathub-open-source-free-software-community-music interface

The GNOME Photos, GNOME To Do, and Totem programs have been redesigned in their cones. GNOME's file manager, Nautilus (Files), now warns the user when they try to move a file in a write protected directory. Who does not enjoy the shortcut activities, can disable it without the help of an extended third party.

This version is packed with news, whether for the regular user or developer. For example, Mutter now integrates with Sysprof. More data sources have been added, making it easy to create performance profiles in an application and several improvements in Builder, including an integrated D-Bus inspector. A full plate for GNOME developers.


Personally, I was excited about a lot of things in this version 3.34 (some of which I don't need to use extensions that I always add) and our dear Brazilian GNOME developer Georges Stavracas scored what he liked most about this release.

As a GNOME user, what is making me more excited is gapless playback in GNOME Music. Followed by GNOME Games.

As a developer, what drives me crazy is the integration of Mutter with Sysprof. It's opening doors for all sorts of improvements, that's why we just started.

Version 3.34 can be obtained directly from the distro repositories (this is system dependent, not everyone will receive this version), if you prefer the programs can be installed via Flatpak, just search Flathub. Another alternative compiling GNOME straight from the official project repository, not recommended for new users.

See you in the next post Diolinux blog, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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