GNOME 3.34 and the refinement of XWayland

The community is playing to make Wayland use even better, news is coming for GNOME users.


In addition to the refinement in GNOME Shell performance, the GNOME team has been implementing enhancements with each release. This time Wayland users will receive an interesting addition.

This year GNOME Mutter support for managing a Xauth file and delegate the request to XWayland was added. This contribution from the giant Red Hat was intended to allow X.org/X11 applications to run on XWayland with superuser privileges. So far, running programs like sudo was not such a simple task, but with this addition of code For GNOME 3.34 this behavior has been fixed. Thus GNOME's window manager, Mutter, receives a significant change in its code when working with XWayland. Allowing the same local user to be added to xhost and running Xclient applications as sudo on XWayland. The changes were authored by Olivier Fourdan, currently Red Hat's Snior Software Engineer and creator of the XFCE desktop environment. The Clutter graphical API, received an optimization in its performance at Mutter. Clutter is responsible for accelerating user interfaces created with it, by hardware, taking advantage of technologies such as OpenGL among others. Out of curiosity GNOME Shell itself makes use of the API and other applications. That was a contribution from Niels De Graef, one of the developers of GNOME.

GNOME 3.34 is being developed very hard and promises to be a great version for both Wayland users and Xorg users. Its release is scheduled for September 11.

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