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Gmail, Tasks, and Podcast New Look: Three New Things You Need to Know

Google doesn't stop. If such a specialized site exists and goes well, because Big G never leaves us without news. And so many of them have arrived that we have compiled everything here so that you are already informed about what's new. We have cool stuff for Gmail, Android, and Google Assistant, come see!

Gmail new face

In the last few weeks we have commented here about some new features that would be present in an upcoming version of Gmail that was coming out. The rumors have been confirmed and we have a new look, new functions and deeper integrations with other company services. It was high time now.

The look has not come out much of what we already do in Gmail to the web version, but it is more in line with the company's Material Design guidelines. There are rounded buttons, a bit more transparency, official Google fonts, smaller and lighter and more discreet steel icons. It's lighter, but I think it should be a while before I get used to it.

The new functions also draw our attention. The most important of these allows you to choose how long an email will be visible to its recipient, destroying itself after a time determined by the sender. This email will be accessed via a link, not the email itself. This will make sensitive conversations safer. But this function has not yet arrived in my Gmail.

new gmail layout
New Gmail web interface / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Other security features prevent a person from forwarding, copying, printing, or downloading the content of the message. Even a two-step ID has been added to the messages. Other features include things we will already do in the Inbox app, such as being able to postpone emails that fade from your inbox and reappear when you ask; view attachments right outside the email Be warned of an important email through artificial intelligence and quick responses.

There is also integration with Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks, via buttons that appear on the right sidebar, the same as for Gmail apps. The function is already available to many people, and should arrive in batches. Access your web Gmail and gear in the upper right corner choose Meet New Gmail. G Suite emails may take longer to receive

New task app

Task apps are a fever among those who like to be organized (or try, like me), and many were ahead of Google in that regard. There was already a small company to-do app, but it was pretty poor in function and always dependent on other Google services. Now an Android app has been launched that promises to be much more useful.

With a very simple interface, it offers more options such as creating to-do lists, self-sorting or by date, subtasks, cloud synchronization, and even the ability to manage tasks created in Gmail and Calendar by attaching emails to your tasks. You also receive notifications warning you of a task coming due soon.

google tasks tasks
Google Tasks / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

It's still simple and basic things like recurring tasks are still lacking and you can choose the time of the tasks as well as some tags, but it is already beautiful and will satisfy anyone who just wants a functional app that works with other Google services.

Download the new Google Tasks app right here from the Play Store.


Within Google search you can play podcast channel episodes, just search for a channel. In the example below, I searched for "BBC podcasts", and then the results are returned with the latest available episodes followed by a play icon. Just tap the icon to play using the native player, which is integrated with the Android notification bar. The examples are in the images below.

You can subscribe to channels and manage your subscriptions as normal. We were unable to download episodes offline, but by some speculation this feature will arrive soon.

andorid gmail podcasts
Google native podcast interface / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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