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Gmail mobile now allows multiple logins

One of the big complaints from Gmail users was, for some time, being unable to connect to multiple accounts using the same browser. It was definitely not the most practical thing to have to use two browsers to access two distinct accounts, for example.

To make life easier for users, in early August of last year, Google added to Gmail the ability to do multiple logins using the same browser. Although it has made life much easier for users, made use of the verse mobileWebmail users were sucking their fingers. No possibility for her. At least, until last week.

From now on, all users of Gmail's mobile version will be able to log in multiple times without any inconvenience. To do this, simply have the user touch your email address and then select the option Sign in to another account. The standard Gmail login window will open and, after entering the data and submitting, the user will be redirected to Inbox of the second account you logged in to. To switch between the various accounts, simply tap the email address of the current account again and select the other account already logged in.

In addition, Google decided to make life easier for travelers and added, in the version mobileof your email service, the option for the user to customize your subscription. So from now on, they can add a personalized signature informing their friends that that message was sent via a mobile device. After all, the likelihood that the user will make spelling and grammar mistakes using the auto-correction services of the smartphones very large. πŸ˜›

To top it off, users will now also be able to customize an auto-response for the period they are traveling, whether on vacation or not. Through this option, it is possible to set the start and end date of the automatic reply, as well as the subject and text to be sent to the senders. Thus, whenever a person sends a message to the user, they will receive the vacation response automatically. If desired, the user can also set that only people in his or her address book receive automatic replies.

This is Google making life easier for users in everyday life… πŸ™‚