Gmail Mobile App – Full Review

With so much technology we reach a level of having all the necessary information in the palm of your hand. And nothing is more useful than having your emails one click, easily and quickly. Gmail for mobile is an app from Google, an American online services company that offers a variety of apps for its users. Gmail stands out for its importance in people's daily lives. Shall we get to know you better?

Better than browser experience

Modern, with a basic yet very functional interface, the Gmail app provides a much better experience than your phone's standard browser. The content is optimized and adapted to any screen, comfort needed for those who have to read the sent documents or long emails. An advantage that pleased the users of smartphones.

Organized Messages

We usually end up doing internet sign-ups and provide the email address to perform sign-ups and similar activities, but this creates a lot of junk mail and causes an inbox disorder. In Gmail at! With it the inbox organized into categories, which makes it easy to find, select and if you wish, delete messages.

Unnecessary content is considered spam and directed to a specific folder, so the main box is always clean and accessible to find the email you want.


Who doesn't like comfort and practicality? Before, we spent hours updating the browser page to receive important email.

Among the many features that the Gmail app offers, one that draws a lot of attention to notification. I no longer need to keep updating, but wait for the notification ring and open the long awaited message. That way you stay informed and even end up missing that notification of an area ticket well below the price, anyway?

An email, various functions!

We know that storage media are changing over the years. A long time ago we stored our documents on diskettes, later we started to create document CDS and the newest so far: pen drive, accessory still used, but with its days numbered.

The cloud is now the darling of web surfers and thinking about it Google has made Gmail a kind of place for file storage! It provides 15gb of space and when we send something very heavy it shares it through Drive, Google's specific cloud application. This links accounts and facilitates file storage and sharing.

Track two accounts in one place

If your business is professional and personal email, Gmail is right for you. It offers the space to add other accounts and control of the same application. Notifications usually arrive, and the inbox can be switched between emails or left both as priorities.

Other than this, you can still link old emails so you can enjoy the quality of Google apps without having to email each contact to keep them on your list.

This app can be used by anyone who has a minimum knowledge of technology. Gmail is functional and very intuitive, actions are easily performed, both receiving messages and sending them.

How do I get this app?

Users who have a mobile phone with Android or IOS operating system may have the application for free. Android system should enter the Google Play app and look up the name in the search bar. For iOS, the same procedure, but sign in to the AppStore.

Once you find the app, which has the symbol of a letter in red and white, just click to install. The installation takes place very simply and when done over a wifi network, the installation is very fast.

After installing, do the Login with your Gmail account and be directed to your inbox. If you do not already have the account click Create account and be directed to fill in your data in a simplified way.

After entering the requested, the app open on your mobile and you're done! J can take full advantage of Gmail. The Gmail App is a great tool for work and personal life, easy, intuitive and modern. Be sure to use it!