Gmail gets new smartphone interface

Google has announced that Gmail will receive a new mobile interface (Android and iOS), adopting Material Design, launched by the search engine in 2014.

Along with the new interface, Gmail has also enhanced the attachment viewing feature for simplicity. The option to switch between personal and corporate accounts has also been optimized.

"Now, just as on the web, users get red notices to alert you when something on the account looks weird," says Google.

“With regard to the attachments, interaction has also become easier. As part of the new design you can quickly view photos or PDF without having to open or scroll the conversation. In addition, it will be even easier to switch between personal and corporate accounts, with the new button located near the search bar, so that the user can access all their emails without difficulty. ”

Updates align with the newly released web version of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more recently in Google Docs and Sheets.

The new smartphone design in Gmail is now available for Android and iOS.