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Gmail gets customizable background

Personalization seems to be the watchword of Google. In recent times, the company has given users the possibility to make various types of customization in their services, especially regarding the use of themes. Personalization ranges from the themes of Orkut, Gmail, to the background of Google Search and Calendar.

While there are a range of cool theme options in Orkut and Gmail, users always want more. To satisfy at least Gmail users, Google announced earlier this afternoon that it had added the ability to customize the background of its email service. This feature was by far one of the most requested options on the service forum, second only to read confirmation. πŸ˜›

To customize the Gmail background, the user must access the option Settings and then, Themes. Then the user simply clicks the last theme gallery option, the Create your theme. In the window that will open, the user can completely customize the theme used.

In addition to having the old customization options (change font color and link, for example), with the new option, the user can use any image hosted on Picasa web, or can upload an image that has on the computer.

Once you've selected the image that makes up the Gmail background, and the colors of fonts and links (these items are very important because, depending on the color of the image, menus can be virtually invisible), the user simply has to save the changes. and close the customization window. This will automatically apply the new settings to Gmail.

Did you like the news? Be sure to share with us the backgrounds you create! πŸ™‚