Gmail gains support for Siri Shortcuts; Facebook Lite, SoundCloud and Launch Center Pro are updated

Gmail gains support for Siri Shortcuts;  Facebook Lite, SoundCloud and Launch Center Pro are updated

In the latest app updates, the email client for Google finally gained support for Siri shortcuts, helping to simplify the process for sending emails.

In addition, the Dark Mode landed on Facebook Lite, while the SoundCloud is now compatible with the app Files (Files) of iOS. Finally, the Launch Center Pro has won new customizable icons for iOS 13 and a number of improvements.

Let’s check it all out?


Gmail app icon: Google email

As we said, Gmail has been updated with support for Siri Shortcuts (introduced with iOS 12); however, Google has so far added only one shortcut option: sending emails.

Siri shortcuts in Gmail

The shortcut can be configured from the Gmail settings or from the Shortcuts app (Shortcuts) of iOS.

Facebook Lite

Sorry, app not found.

Facebook Lite is the latest among Zuckerberg’s giant apps that have gained support for Dark Mode on iOS. The app, launched in 2018 (but only arrived in the Brazilian App Store in April 2019), was designed for people with slower connections and to reduce data consumption.

For some reason, Facebook thought it best to take Dark Mode first for this version of the app instead of the main one, available in more regions. In Brazil, however, the option is not yet available ‚Äď perhaps it is being rolled out gradually.

When available, it will be possible to see the new option in the Facebook Lite menu (the three dashes in the bottom bar), just below ‚ÄúSettings‚ÄĚ.


SoundCloud app icon - Music & Audio

This week, SoundCloud began offering support for the Archives app, allowing you to upload tracks directly from your iPhone or iPad, as well as artwork / artwork for albums and more.

To upload your music / artwork, simply open SoundCloud and tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the main screen. Select the Files app and then the tracks you intend to upload to SoundCloud (files like FLAC, WAV, ALAC or AIFF are lossless); finally, check that the metadata is correct and tap ‚ÄúSave‚ÄĚ.

According to the developer, the feature is being gradually rolled out this week to iOS devices.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro app icon

The famous utility for creating shortcuts on iOS has been updated with improvements to Icon Composer, for icon customization. More precisely, Contrast added 1,800 new glyphs to give even more creation options, as well as designs that match the iOS 13 Shortcuts.

In addition, the update corrects some problems with Icon Composer and the restoration of manual backups. Finally, the app gained other improvements and bug fixes.

via MacRumors, PhoneArena