Gmail gains support for AMP technology

Gmail gains support for AMP technology

Through AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, the Gmail user will be able to interact with the content of his emails in a dynamic and interactive way.

“The ‘AMP for e-mail’ will, for example, allow you to easily respond to an action within the message itself, such as an invitation or RSVP for an event, fill out a form and browse a shopping catalog,” says the Google.

You will also be able to choose to always see the latest information from emails, such as the newest comment topics and recommended jobs.

In addition, companies using AMP can update emails in real time after they are sent. The display of updated information on flights, news, weather, stock prices, purchases, package deliveries, etc., are some use cases with the new version.

Dynamic emails can be turned on or off in the «Settings» menu and will start showing up to Gmail users on the web. The mobile version is coming soon.