Gmail gains search integrated with Google Docs and Sites

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

My Gmail is open for at least 12 hours a day.

Yes, all the time I’m online, webmail is open in the first tab of Google Chrome.

As I don’t like using the Google Docs Labs Gadget, which adds a search box and lists the last edited documents in the side menu of Gmail, I was always obliged to access Google Docs in order to search and access my documents.

Thinking of cases like the one reported above, Google has just added, to Gmail Labs, the option Google Apps Search.

To activate it, go to settings, Labs, check the option Activate in front of the new feature, and save the changes.

Once activated, instead of the option Search email, pops up Search Gmail and Google Docs.

Thus, whenever the user searches for any term and clicks the new button, messages exchanged by users, as well as documents on Google Docs and sites on Google Sites, will be displayed in the results.

In the same way as in the standard Gmail search, if there is a message in the Trash can that matches the search term, the option to view them will be given just below the search result.

If the user wants to see only the results corresponding to the messages, he can add -type: mail in the search term.

If you only want results from Google Docs, the user can click on the option Only show results for documents › located just above the Docs results.