Gmail gains new design, with integration with Google Meet and other services

Gmail gains new design, with integration with Google Meet and other services

4 new categories will reach some G Suite users through the new Gmail update

THE Gmail certainly one of the most popular and functional email services of recent years, and since its launch in 2004, the Google has been working on new updates to improve the public experience. Last Wednesday, the 15th, the company announced a major update for the application, with new features and design.

The new features of Gmail

Among the new functions of Gmail, there is the integration of tabs The app design has also gotten more minimalist

The update brings some interesting features for the user, such as the integration between Gmail, chat rooms, Rooms and Meet. By clicking on the selected area, the user will be redirected to their own space. The "Chat", as the name suggests, is a direct chat with anyone saved in your email, while the main difference for the "Rooms" is that this function can be defined as a "space for discussing projects and the like", with the ability to share and edit files, or direct tasks, similar to Slack, for example.

The Gmail update not only reaches smartphones and mobile devices, but also desktops, with a simple and modern design. The previously mentioned features have the purpose of creating the complete combination of resources offered by Google and making it possible for the public to carry out all of their tasks in this environment without wasting time.

The category The integration of functions is the great asset of this update

THE Google Meet also be present in this update of Gmail, and intends to make life easier for users, since you will not need to leave your tab or application to start a video call. In addition, all these features will guarantee the presence of an “Do not disturb” button and an “Out of office” status, and you will also be able to schedule an estimated time that you will not receive notifications, to ensure your well-being and comfort.

With the increase in the number of people at home, and consequently the remote work, the update of Gmail comes to beat the head Slack it's the Microsoft Teams, two of its main competitors. For now, only a few users of the G Suite I will receive the update on early access (early access) next week, but the proposal is that all subscribers to the service have access over time. On the other hand, Google plans to bring this experience to traditional Gmail customers soon, but there is no set launch window yet.

“In the future, you’ll see our integrated workspace expand, with picture-in-picture video calling capabilities in Gmail; the integration of Google Meet in our content tools, such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Our goal is to promote an intelligent and reliable solution that offers everyone the ability to make a real and flexible impact by working where and how they want ”.

Javier Soltero, Vice President of G Suite

Next July 20, the Google hold the conference focused on Google Cloud and you can talk more about the update. To stay on top of the technology world, stay tuned to Showmetech.

Source: Google