Gmail gains native notification system


I don’t know about you, but my Gmail account is open for as long as I’m in front of the computer. Since I center my personal and professional messages on it, I cannot help knowing when and what messages reach my Inbox.

Despite all my attention, I sometimes fail to notice the receipt of new messages. When I’m reading a news source, or even browsing the internal system of the company where I work, I end up disconnecting from the new message counter displayed in the title of the Gmail tab, or even the extension Google Mail Checker that I use.

To solve this type of problem, Google has just added a native option for notification of new messages to Gmail. To activate it, the user must access the settings account, and on the General, look for the option Desktop notifications. In it, the user can choose whether or not to receive chat notifications, in addition to being able to choose to be notified of all new messages, only important / priority messages, or not to receive any type of notification.

As soon as there is a message or conversation in the chat, a pop-up notification window will appear, even if the user has the browser minimized.

The native notification system works only on Google Chrome. The novelty will be made available, gradually, to all users. It is available for all Gmail languages ​​and also for Google Apps users. 🙂

Thanks to the reader Celso Junior for the tip!