Gmail gains improvements in its interface

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

At the beginning of last week, I published a post in which two possible improvements to the Gmail interface were shown.

The first was a modification in the left menu, with the grouping of options Email, Contacts and Tasks just above the markers. The second change was related to filters, which would allow the selection of only read, unread, and marked as favorite messages.

Ratifying our information, today Google announced the implementation of all the modifications advanced by us, in addition to a redesign in the contact manager.

The most noticeable change is undoubtedly in the left menu. As you can see in the image below, the options are much more intuitive. Before, Contacts and Tasks were hidden after the bookmarks were listed. In addition, the second and third options can be hidden by simply clicking on the in front of Email.

Another very interesting change was the implementation of a drop-down menu in place of the horizontal options, where users can select all messages, undo the entire selection, mark only those read, unread, with and without stars.

Finally, the contact management system has been redesigned. By clicking on the option Contacts, just below Email, the option to add a new contact opens on the right. In place of bookmarks, groups of contacts created by the user appear, in addition to options My contacts, Most accessed and Other contacts. Below, there are also options New group and Import contacts.

See the new interface in action below. : D

One thing that few may have noticed is that the Gmail logo has been reduced. Like all the news from Google, the new interface will be implemented gradually for all users.