Gmail gains hierarchy system in labels

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

Since mid-November, when I started collaborating on Official Gmail Forum, I’ve noticed a considerable amount of users complaining about the service’s bookmarks. Complaints range from confusion of having the same message in several places at the same time, even the lack of a hierarchy option.

Regarding the confusion, I even understand the users. Although, in particular, I have never had a problem with this, I know that Gmail’s label design is totally different from the folders of other webmails and email clients. After all, many of Gmail’s users come from other email services and it is natural that, in principle, there is a rejection of the news. But, in my view, bookmarks are an evolution of the archaic folder system, which imposed large and serious limits on users. The fact that I can find the same message in 3 or 4 labels is fantastic.

Regarding the lack of a hierarchy option, unless users are comparing Gmail to an email client, I don’t see any point in such complaints, since the two biggest competitors from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, also do not have the option of hierarchizing the folders. This option is only seen on clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Not that I don’t like the idea of ​​a bigger organization. Quite the opposite. I just can’t understand the complaint as if it lacked such an option in Gmail, when, in fact, it doesn’t exist in the other big services.

On one occasion, when responding to a user about labels, Den, Gmail Master, said that the Gmail user should reason like a Gmail user. She is correct. We can’t want Gmail to have all the words that other email services have. With tens of millions of users, it is impossible to please everyone. Therefore, when choosing a particular service, the user must adapt to it, and not expect it to conform to his needs. Anyway, Gmail has, in its forum, the category Suggestions, in which any and all users can leave their suggestion that, as far as possible, will be evaluated by the development team.

Following users’ suggestions, Gmail has just gained functionality Nested labels. To activate it, go to settings and then, Labs. After activating it and clicking on the option Save editions, Gmail will be reloaded to complete activation.

Great, the feature has been activated. Now, let’s imagine the following scenario (which is, in fact, real): I receive a lot of emails regarding Google Discovery. They range from post tips, through images (like the red Stilos from Google Street View, for example), to messages from Renê on various subjects related to the blog.

I could have a single label and, in it, add all messages related to the GD. But it would be the most disorganized organization in the world. After all, I wouldn’t know what each message is about. So, today I organize myself with the following markers: GD – Tips, GD – Photos and GD – Renê. I know it’s not the best organization, but I can get along with them perfectly and it was the best I was able to do within the possibilities given by Gmail.

On the exposed scenario, I will teach you how to create a structure, according to my needs, using the new functionality of Labs.

Let’s first access our bookmarks. This can be done in two ways: 1) by clicking More, below the markers, and then Manage labels; 2) accessing the option settings and then, Bookmarks. But if you’re lazy, click on here and directly access the Bookmark Manager from Gmail.

Once in Manager, let’s create the bookmarks. The first to be created will be the dad Google Discovery. To create the children, and for them to be properly nested, we must follow the following logic: Name of the parent marker/Child marker name. That’s right, a / (slash) between the name of the dad It’s from son, no space between the two. So I create the bookmarks Google Discovery / Tips, Google Discovery / Photos and Google Discovery / Renê.

Thus, the screen of the Label Managers:

But… Renê sends me many emails, but some are strictly administrative. If I leave them all together, I will end up confused. So, I’m going to create a sub-marker to the sub-marker Renê. So, I will create the following: GoogleDiscovery / Renê / Admin. The result you can see on the side.

You can see that the system allows you to show and hide the bookmarks children. In addition, the color system, now used by Gmail labels, also applies to grouped labels.

Below, I leave a video I made, showing, in practice, how the new Gmail label hierarchy system works. As a bonus, I talk about the novelty, also in Labs, which allows you to view messages without actually opening them. A kind of preview.

Did you like the news? Tell us how it will make organizing your messages easier. 🙂

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