Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

In most of the posts, in which I deal with news in Gmail, I always mention cases of mass complaints that are posted on the service forum. Since Gmail is, since its conception, a service that has many differentials in relation to its competitors, and as a good part of the users has a certain aversion to novelties, nothing more normal than many requesting that it have functions of competing services.

Among the most requested features on the forum, I highlight: possibility to insert HTML signatures (already implemented), friendlier manipulation of the markers (already implemented), possibility of not grouping messages into conversations (already implemented) and, most importantly, the possibility to request confirmation of reading the messages (as far as I know, the main competitors of Gmail do not have such an option).

In addition to the features listed above, many users complain that when a message is open and is deleted, archived, or marked as spam, Gmail returns to the message’s original label (or search results, if applicable). In the view of users, the correct thing would be for Gmail to immediately load the previous message.

Once again showing its willingness to listen to its users, as well as implementing news that it deems relevant, the Gmail team has just added a feature to Gmail Labs that allows users of the service to decide their behavior in the case previously reported. .

To activate it, simply access the option settings and then, Labs. After locating the resource Automatic advance, check the option Activate in front of him and save the settings.

Once activated, the feature will start to give the user, in settings -> General, the ability to define whether Gmail will display the next (most recent) message, the previous (oldest) message, or return to the original conversation list.

Although little known, Gmail offers the page Suggest a resource for Gmail, where the service team lists some resources that may be implemented in the Gmail Labs. To suggest one of the previously listed resources, just click on the option Suggest in front of each of them. If the resources you want are not listed on the page, you can suggest them through the category Gmail forum suggestions. 🙂