Gmail for Android and iOS gets new guides with smart filters


Last week, Google released the amazing guides with smart filters (yes, you can call me a fanboy!) In Gmail. As I had been testing the new feature for some time, it was no big news for me. However, due to the repercussions in the comments of the post and in social networks, the new feature pleased. Is very. But since then, users of mobile phones and tablets have been sucking their fingers, since no updates were released on launch day.

But, for everyone’s happiness, Google has released an update for the Android and iOS app that adds new functionality to apps. Now, users will be able to view their messages separately via smart guides, just like the web version.


For my happiness, I still haven’t received the Android update, but the new iOS app was released today and I really liked what I saw. In addition to the new tabs, users can configure how they want to receive notifications. «Set up on each account whether you want to receive notifications for all messages, just important messages or not to receive notifications,» says Google.


IDevices users can download the new application directly from App Store. Free Android users will have to wait for the update to be released by Google.