Gmail flaw erases data for 60 users

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So far about 60 users of the email from Google saw the deletion of all information received before 18 December.

Some of the internet users who reported the situation claim to have lost messages from email sent and received, contacts and other information, without having given any kind of consent for this to happen.

Most of the reported cases belong to users of the browserFirefox 2.0 that access the Gmail mailbox from the platform open source from Mozilla.

The case is known to the company responsible for the main search engine on the Web.

Even so, Google classifies what happened as an isolated case and ensures that the problem has already been solved, although it is impossible to restore the deleted information.

However, one of the main doubts is whether the data loss was the result of a system error or a malicious intrusion, since one of the affected users claims to have received an e-mail message from an «alleged hacker«.

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