Gmail finally gains support for iPadOS Split View mode; Instagram and Facebook Messenger are updated

Gmail finally gains support for iPadOS Split View mode;  Instagram and Facebook Messenger are updated

And here we are again with the most important recent updates from App Store! Shall we go to them?


Gmail app icon: Google email

Google’s ubiquitous email client is delayed for a few years, but better late than never: its version for iPadOS has finally gained support for mode Split View of the system.

When using an iPad, you can now multitask with Gmail and other iOS apps. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your calendar before answering an email confirming a meeting time.

Obviously, the example given above is not the only utility scenario in which you can enjoy the novelty: it is possible to drag images directly from Photos, check information in Safari, browse Files or control your playlist on Apple Music while answering your emails.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger app icon

The novelty is not in changelog of the application, but was spotted by some members of the MacMagazine and by the reader Pedro Dias Mota: at some recent time, Facebook Messenger started to support the fast sharing iOS.

Thus, when sharing any element in the system, the sharing menu will display frequent Messenger contacts for immediate sending. For those who remember, WhatsApp gained support for the feature a few months ago, but that was removed shortly thereafter and until today it has not returned.


Instagram app icon

Meanwhile, the social network of photos and videos has added yet another feature so that users can better manage the comments section of their posts: the possibility of pin comments at the top of the list.

Today, we are releasing the set comments for all users. This means that you can pin some comments to the top of your post and better manage the conversation.

To pin a comment, just drag it to the side and touch the thumbtack icon. The feature is already being made available globally; if you are still not having access to it out there, wait a few more hours / days and try again.

Still within the Instagram subject, it is worth noting this article from TechCrunch: the network is testing a change that, if implemented, will replace the Activity tab with a new shopping.

New Instagram shopping tab

On this new screen, users will be able to check offers and products advertised by Instagram brands, with the option to filter items by categories; some of the products can be purchased on the platform itself, while others require the user to go to the merchant’s website to complete the transaction.

The Activity tab would not die, however: it could still be accessed by an icon in the top corner of your feed or on your profile. The change is being tested with a group of users in the USA; it may or may not be adopted globally by Instagram, depending on the results. What do you think?


Finally, a novelty that is not in the App Store, but deserves to be mentioned: the application CleanShot, a really cool screenshot utility (which has been highlighted here by us recently), has reached version 3.3 with several new features. It is now possible, for example, to capture system audio when recording a screen, in addition to highlighting mouse / trackpad clicks and keys pressed on the keyboard.

CleanShot X for Mac

The application also has a new recording interface, capable of removing audio after recording a video, and can upload these clips automatically to the CleanShot Cloud.

The app can be purchased on its official website by $ 30 (in the license for a Mac).