Gmail features that help you save time

Gmail blocked 18 million malicious emails a day last week

Gmail, Google’s email service, has been changing and adjusting to the needs of its users, with news for its more than 1 billion monthly users.

During Next 2019, the annual conference on cloud computing, the company announced improvements to this platform, such as the highlight of the Hangouts chat in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Thinking about this improvement in the management of activities, Google raised some tips on how to organize yourself to save time while using Gmail:

  • Write emails faster: with the Smart Compose and Smart Reply features, Gmail can suggest ways to complete phrases, including suggesting responses to incoming messages. If the functions are not working automatically, just activate them in the settings;
  • Postpone an email: with the new focus actions in Gmail, you can remove an email from your inbox for a specified time. After that period, the email returns to its original location, appearing as an unread message;
  • Create a task from an email: drag and drop email into the Taks app, located in the side panel on the right side of Gmail. You can also move an email directly to your to-do list by clicking on the three dot icon at the top of an email and selecting «add to tasks»;
  • Manage your calendar in Gmail: view your calendar, create and edit calendar invitations directly from your Gmail. Just click on the Agenda app on the side panel;
  • Offline Gmail: to access your inbox while offline, just go to Settings> Offline> Enable offline email and access your inbox regardless of your broadband connection. Everything will be synchronized the next time you connect to the internet.