Gmail enhances window highlighting

People who use Gmail a lot must have been through some uncomfortable situations, such as writing a message and wanting to add part of the content of another email.

The default solution would be to save the edited message as a draft, access the message from which you want part of the content, and then return to edit the message in question.

But, between us, there is nothing more unproductive than that, especially if we have this setback several times throughout the day.

To minimize this problem, Google announced a few days ago that it has made a significant improvement in the window highlighting option, so that there is no longer a message from Loading…. Now, loading the new automatic window.

If you are in Inbox or any other marker, you can press Shift and click on Write email or any of the messages listed. This will load a new window with the message editing screen or the message you received. She be born like this:

In case you are already in the editing screen, you can click on the icon, available in the upper right corner of the page, so that the message you are writing is “migrated” to the new window.

But if you are uploading a file, Gmail will display the following alert:

If you agree, you have to attach the file again. Note that the above message will only be displayed during upload. If the file has already been sent, it will be taken to the new window, along with all information of the message being edited.

If you are reading a message you can click on the option New window, also in the upper right corner. This will load the current message in a new window, leaving Gmail at your disposal to continue writing messages or doing whatever you want.

Also, with any message open, you can also open a new window with the options Reply, Answer everyone and Forward. To do this, simply press the Shift before clicking on the option.

The improvement of the option can be noticed by users of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Google regrets, but claims it has failed to improve the experience that Internet Explorer users will have with the functionality.

But what about you, do you have any other tips that make multitasking easier in Gmail?