Gmail enhances message collector

Gmail enhances message collector

For the sake of organization, I keep, in my main Gmail account, all messages sent and received from 3 different email addresses.

So, in one place, I can control everything that was sent and received, without having to log in and out of multiple Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

Despite all the ease provided by the Message collector from Gmail, the time between checks for new messages varies from a few minutes to an hour (the variation in automatic collection time depends solely on how often Gmail finds new messages in accounts). And, let’s face it, receiving that important email, just an hour after sending it, is not the coolest thing there is.

To lessen the inconvenience caused by the delay between collections, Gmail provided the option Check for emails now. So, even if manually, you can receive your messages, without having to wait for the next automatic scan. Just click on the option and wait a few seconds until the collection is finished.

But still, it is very annoying to have to access settings and Accounts and import every time I want to know if there are new messages in other accounts.

But my problem (and that of thousands of users) is over. : D

Google has implemented, in the Gmail Labs, the functionality Update POP accounts.

With it, clicking on the option Update, beside More options, new messages are collected instantly. Right after the search, a message is displayed informing if the collector found new messages in the verified accounts.

I believe that, like me, many readers of Google Discovery will be happy with this facility.