Gmail could win news soon

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

In early April, Google hosted the Google Atmosphere, a conference held at the Googleplex for about 300 technology professionals to demonstrate the benefits of cloud computing. At the event, Eric Schmidt, Googleā€™s CEO, even spoke about Google Chrome OS (a subject that we will cover in another post!).

A video, recorded during the conference and initially published on YouTube, shows what may be new features to be implemented soon in Gmail. Officially, the Mountain View giant does not comment on anything, but the version of Gmail shown at the event is used by company employees, which may indicate, yes, that great news will come.

In the first image, we can see:

  • Redesigned menu bar ā€“ with a lighter look, the division of options becomes more evident;
  • Inbox Magic ā€“ a kind of smart bookmark, which would emphasize emails received by friends and frequent contacts;
  • Possibility to make phone calls to Gtalk contacts, through the audio and video plugin.

In the second image, we can check:

  • The insertion of images in the signature;
  • The possibility to insert Google Docs documents and Maps maps directly into the email.

In the third image, we see:

ā€“ The possibility of video conferencing, through the Gtalk gadget, with several users.

Although the original video, which had been made available on YouTube, is no longer publicly available, Dailymotion was able to capture images and made the video below available.

If you want to suggest a feature to Gmail, use the special page available on help Center.

Via: Easy Cloud