Gmail changes ad display system

Gmail chat system can be disabled

One of the most fascinating things I see in Gmail, along with its labeling system, is the organization of messages exchanged into conversations. In place of an endless listing of sent and received messages, Gmail groups them all into conversations.

Despite being its big differential, the system is very annoying to users, who are used to other webmail and / or email clients, who obviously do not have such an option.

Since I joined the Gmail forumAt the end of last year, this has been one of the biggest complaints from users (I believe it is only through the option to request proof of receipt). In my view, the sensational option. But it is clear that users always have a hard time getting used to the escape from normality.

For, once again, Google shows to be aware of the wishes of its users, as well as willing to leave their products increasingly with the face of those who use them. Today, the search giant has announced that it will allow users to disable message grouping in conversations.

In the image below, posted by Google, you can see the significant difference in the listing of messages with and without the chat option enabled.

To switch between listing options, simply go to Settings and in the option Conversation Preview, decide whether to turn it on or off. Remember that at any time the user can go back and redefine the way messages are displayed. 🙂

As usual, the new functionality will be made available to users gradually over the next few days. I will continue with the conversations. And you, what did you think of the news?