Gmail chat gains interface improvements


Sneakily, Google has begun to release a new chat interface to Gmail users.

With very subtle but very important changes, the new interface was smoother and cleaner.

The first change, and perhaps and more noticeable, was the inclusion of a horizontal line, which separates the phrases exchanged between users.

In addition to it, the date and time of the messages got smaller, gaining less prominence and a secondary value in the interface.

Finally, the way in which names and messages are displayed has been modified.

Previously, the chat displayed the user’s name, followed by a colon and the message.

There is now a line break between the user name and the message sent.

For now, the novelty is only available to users who have the functionality Images in chat enabled in Gmail Labs.

As nothing official has been disclosed, it may be that the new interface will no longer be displayed, or that it will take time to reach other users.


Thanks to readers Daniel Fernando and Micael Silva for the tip!