Gmail banned in Iran

تقوم الأرض "بإطلاق الغازات" باتجاه القمر كل شهر

The Iranian government will suspend access to Gmail for Internet users in the country, advances The Wall Street Journal.

The decision was communicated by the government telecommunications agency that announced the «permanent suspension» of Google’s email service, saying that «soon» a national email service would be created for Iranians, the same source reports.

At the time the news was released, it was not yet possible to determine what the practical effects of this decision were, nor whether the «measure» had already been implemented. According to the newspaper, on other occasions the Iranian government had already announced technological changes that were later not implemented.

Google says it has seen a decrease in Gmail traffic in the region and that some users have reported problems accessing the service, but ensures that their networks are operating normally.

According to official sources in the country, the governmental measure aims to boost the development of local technology and build trust between people and the government, having been announced as part of the Islamic Republic’s 31st anniversary celebrations.

Public opinion seems to go in a different direction, and accuses the government of making yet another maneuver to try to control the Internet. It is recalled that during the demonstrations against the regime, which followed the last elections in the country, in June, this was a privileged platform for exchanging information between citizens and with foreigners, in a country where the media is reported as being largely controlled by political leaders.