Gmail and Buzz get previews of Google Maps

Gmail and Buzz get previews of Google Maps

Nowadays, one of the most common things to do on the internet is to send addresses and map links online by email.

It may be the address of a business, a doctor’s office, a tourist spot or even a public office.

What cannot be denied is that, today, our lives would be infinitely more complicated without online maps.

When receiving only the address written in the message, we agree that it is not the most practical thing to have to copy and paste it on Google Maps.

To make life easier for users, Google has implemented, in Gmail and Buzz, a new feature that allows users to have a preview of the maps of the addresses contained in the messages.

To use the feature, call Google Maps views in emails, just activate it in Gmails Labs, and when you receive a message with an address or link from a Maps map, a box will appear right at the end of the message.

Clicking on the option Show map view, a thumbnail of it will load. The user can browse the map within the message itself, or click on the option Open in new window and be taken to Google Maps.

In addition, when inserting any Google Maps link in Buzz, the preview is automatically displayed. The same is true when entering an image URL.

The recognition of addresses written in messages received in Gmail is initially available only to the United States. In Brazil, with at least one Google Maps link in the message, the preview will be loaded normally.